The music pulled by a keyword.
Searching the Gnutella* network (GNet),
Hearing the found and bound mp3 files
Cocktail sound *

1. Input the keyword to the text field (upper left) and hit the enter key. a word in common use is easy of hit.
2. Wait for a while. Wait in patience because the response is sometimes lazy...
3. Then the file found on the network will be listed up.
4. The application begins to connect to the file selected from the file list. When a file is selected, a graphic of speaker will appear. As the file starts downloading, the speaker will become bigger and sound will be played. The speaker will be crushed in case of network error or if the the connected computer is busy.
5. The plural number of music is cutted up and played. The sounds and graphics changes every time by condition of the network and users on Gnutella.

>> Screenshot

(*) Gnutella:
Welcome to Gnutella: http://www.welcome.to/Gnutella
Mutella: http://mutella.sourceforge.net/
Net-Gnutella: http://search.cpan.org/author/IWADE/Net-Gnutella-0.1/
Jnutella.org: http://www.jnutella.org/

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