FragMental Storm

1) Launch FMS.
2) Type [S] to start or type [L] to start "link mode(*)".
3) Type and "Enter" the words you want to search in the top left of the screen. After a short while the screen will begin to change. If you make a search on a website using "http://" the data from that web page will be downloaded.

*About the Link Mode
If you access the "Link Mode" when you start you will be linked to other people using FMS at the same time as you. Your FMS will affected by searches made by other people using FMS. (This is applicable only when others are using FMS at the same time as you are.)

FragMental Storm [Macintosh] (1.5MB)
FragMental Storm [Windows] (1.6MB)

- At certain times, without warning, FMS may not work. We apologies if this happens to you. - FMS is used at your own risk. No responsibility can be taken for any problems occurred from its usage.

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