DISCODER is a device to write inconsistency into HTML code. You can invade or remove the bugs to HTML code using your keybord. The bugs will influence each other. Web pages will mutate with the resulting inconsistency.

Windows + Internet explorer
Macintosh OS X + Safari

<Basic operation>
1. Launch DISCODER [private mode].
2. Type the URL you want to DISCODE into location area.
3. Click the "GO" button and load the webpage.
4. Type on your keyboard to DISCODE the webpage.

<Key functions>
You can invade or remove or change your bug to source code in HTML using your keyboard.

Number key The bug will eat one character at the point it falls and stay there.
Alphabet key These keys will stay at the point where the bug fell after eating one character. When the same character falls beside it, they become "adult" (a capital letter) and produce offspring. Example : When "b" invades beside "b". These become "adult" and make a "child" between them. bb -> BbB
Mark key These keys first search around the point where the bug fell. When they find an adult bug they convert them to HTML tag. The bug does not stay inside of HTML. Example : BbB -> Adult bug converted to HTML tag.
Delete key or Backspace key and Calculate key These keys will remove a bug which exists in HTML code. When a bug is removed it spits out one character of HTML source code, and the bug jumps out.
Tab key This key will switch the display mode between "web page" and "HTML source". In the "HTML source" mode, you can see the bug as a red letter.

Letters are sent to DISCODER by your keyboard. Characters appear in the TEXT AREA and drop off. When character arrives the bottom of the TEXT AREA, they invade into HTML code. Keyboard operation will not be accepted when the TEXT AREA is red. You can use your keyboard again after you click in the TEXT AREA.

TARGET is in right side of TEXT AREA. The upper left side of TARGET indicates the beginning of HTML code and the bottom right side of TARGET means the end of HTML code. The pointer moves inside of the TARGET. A letter will invade at the point you indicate with your keyboard. When the character invades the HTML and becomes bug, the pointer will turn red.

<Switch PAGE-HTML>
The switch PAGE-HTML button is in the upper right side of the menu bar. You can choose from "web page" and "HTML source page". The tab key has the same function.